Another TYPEFLOW update

August? My last update was AUGUST?

Well, I’ve been busy. Business just keeps getting bigger and bigger and better and cooler. TYPEFLOW has essentially tripled its business in the last two years.

This’ll be quick, because I have to get back to the cool stuff, but—

This week I’ve been working on a bunch of children’s and Young Adult books for Scholastic (fiction and nonfiction, novels and picture books, print and ebooks), wrapping up two print/ebook combinations for two indie presses (design and production), and publicizing Typeflow’s second book of original short fiction (concept, editorial, design, production, and everything else). I can’t share the Scholastic stuff—the biggest actually is kind of a big deal; I’ll tell you about it after it’s out, if I remember—but here are some of the other things that filled up February:

The Muffia

Client: Water Street Press
Genre: Fiction
Formats: Print and ebooks

I’ve designed and produced the interiors of all four of the books you’ll see at their website. (Not the covers; just all the interior work.) This one’s a romantic thriller with a big vibrator angle, so here’s what I did for the chapter openers:

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 9.05.34 PM

Yeah, I know. I’m very ashamed of myself.

Ride 2: More Short Fiction About Bicycles

Client: Typeflow
Genre: Fiction
Formats: Print and ebooks

The first RIDE did nicely and got noticed; the second one’s now out. (The blog’s here, with print and ebook ordering links, author interviews, and all that stuff. The call for entries for RIDE 3 will happen soon.)


Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 9.36.18 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 9.34.01 PM

I did both the cover and the interior on this one, with art by Taliah Lempert.

The Forgotten Gift

Client: Elden Nelson (Fat Cyclist)
Genre: Fiction
Formats: Print and ebooks

Because of the bicycling connection, when Elden wanted to publish his late wife’s YA fantasy novel, he emailed me. I took on the project and introduced him to Jenn Reese of Tiger Bright Studios, who did a knockout job on the cover. (I do covers—here are a few—but I knew she’d do this one way better.)

Click to download a PDF of Jenn’s cover and the first few pages of my interior:

Forgotten Gift PDF thumb

(And there are some more teaser pages up at his blog.)

So that’s the quick version of what TYPEFLOW was up to last week.

Maybe it won’t be another six months until the next update—or maybe it will—but if it is, that doesn’t mean things are slow here. It means there are so many cool book projects flooding the gates that I don’t realize how long the blog’s been updateless. If you’ve got a book project in mind and you like what you see here, drop me a line. You might be the reason for the next six months of silence!

A few recent cover designs

Three recent projects, for which I did both cover and interior designs. I’ve been so busy, I don’t even have time to tilt these and give them drop shadows.

The Murder Quadrille - cover

The Wordwatcher - cover