A few recent cover designs

Three recent projects, for which I did both cover and interior designs. I’ve been so busy, I don’t even have time to tilt these and give them drop shadows.

The Murder Quadrille - cover

The Wordwatcher - cover


This is Typeflow’s first original book, a collection of short stories with only one thing in common: Bicycles.

(Why bicycles? We like bicycles.)

Cover of RIDE: Short Fiction About Bicycles

In printed books, color interior art is expensive—which is why you almost never see it. In an ebook, though, you can go full-color without any added costs. So each of these stories gets its own full-color “internal cover.”

RIDE interior covers

The printed version has the individual story covers too, but with black-and-white versions of the interior art. (Full-color cover, though.)

Reviews of RIDE have been showing up on popular bike blogs (like this one), and sales have been steady since it came out. We’re kind of thrilled.

RIDE 2 is now in the works!

Recent nonfiction

I’m very pleased to be working with WriteWorks Publishing on their entire 2011/2012 line.

One of the books I’ve done for them recently is Shelly Lowenkopf’s The Fiction Lover’s Companion, a 594-page reference book for readers and writers.

In the Kindle and epub versions, you’re able to click on terms to go to the entries for those terms. Print technology can’t quite do that yet, but the same terms are rendered in small-caps in the print version, so the user knows there’s something interesting to read about them.

One of the dangers of book layout is that it’s easy to get distracted by good content. In this case, it paid off: One of the entries helped me nail the climax of my short story for RIDE (coming in 2012).

Click the image for high-res.

The Fiction Lover's Companion

Welcome to Typeflow


4 recent covers: Keith Snyder, Sujata Massey, S.J. Rozan, Fidelis Morgan

This is where I’m supposed to give you a bunch of enthusiastic ad copy—but really, all I want to tell you is that while we’ve all been holding down day jobs and writing books—the one at top left is mine—my day job has been graphics production, and now I own a company that makes ebooks.

Typeflow is my company. You send a Word or RTF file all proofed and ready for publishing, and you get back a really nice ebook in formats for Kindle, Nook, iBooks, etc., with professional typesetting, chapter headers, up-caps, run-ins, and other pro touches as part of the basic package, which costs $350.

That’s the price for a novel up to about 80,000 words. (Other forms—nonfiction, anthologies—vary too much to standardize, but drop me a line.) It doesn’t include cover concept and design from the ground up, but it does include cover layout if you already have art and an idea—which is how those covers up there came to be.

See the “Services and Rates” tab at the top of this page—and then call me, drop me an email, or message me on Facebook.


Two recent jobs

Recent ebook fiction:
Sujata Massey - "Convenience Boy and Other Stories of Japan"

Recent POD nonfiction:
Devra Gartenstein - "Cavemen, Monks, and Slow Food"

Coming soon: seven ebooks for Fidelis Morgan—including her “Countess” series!